About me

Hello! My name is Eva and I live in Graz, Austria.
I´ve been making historical clothing and accessories for many years and I´ve always loved to incorporate historical pieces and techniques to my everyday clothes.

I´m passionate about trying out old needlework techniques and believe that you can always learn something new!

Since 2009 I´ve also been giving regular sewing courses in which I like to pass on my love of making my own clothes. Over the years it became more and more important to me to wear (self-made) pieces for as long as possible. I often upcycle/remade my (historical) clothes and love to try out different kind of (visible) mending.
I also hold Visible Mending workshops, so if you´re interested in learning how to care for your most favourite items of clothing get in touch with me! 


My work includes handmade items based on originals in museums and (my private) collections, items made after historical instructions and also pieces that are more historybounding and can greatly be worn in everday life!

In my shop you will find a mixture of many lovely handmade items – through the centuries and in different kind of needlework!
If you would like to order your favourite in a different colour or size, just drop me a line. I´ll try my best to realize your wishes!